San Antonio’s ULI NEXT supports the ULI mission by identifying, connecting, and elevating the next generation of leaders. 



San Antonio’s ULI NEXT supports the ULI mission by identifying, connecting, and elevating the next generation of leaders. ULI NEXT participants are Full or Associate members, between the ages of 35-45, who have exemplified leadership within the industry and ULI. We are looking for extraordinary people who want to get involved — deep thinkers and thought leaders with a laser focus on making San Antonio the best place it can be.

ULI NEXT provides an avenue for mid-career professionals to foster leadership skills, develop professional relationships, promote shared knowledge through education and to network with your peers. The program strives to accomplish the following goals for its members:

● High-level sharing of strategies, best practices and pitfalls among leaders and
● Seed future collaboration that leads to better policies and projects
● Support each other in mid-career challenges and share best practices for
effective leadership skills, and professional/personal growth
● Develop new and grow existing meaningful relationship with peers from
cross-sectors of the field for the long-term
● Provide a collegial and non-competitive atmosphere built on trust.

Guided by a Steering Committee, ULI NEXT will kick off each year with an open invitation period for interested members to apply to be placed in a Flight. The 2019 program is comprised of over 20 ULI NEXT Founding Members, representing a diverse cross section of the industry.  Meetings are held on a bi-monthly basis (at a minimum), incorporating presentations of topical interest to its members for the purpose of promoting deep-dive discussions from a diversity of perspectives, professional development activities and conversations with industry leaders. Emphasis is placed on developing and growing strong relationships with other participants.

Members are required to regularly attend meetups, and to actively participate in presenting and/or facilitating one or more of those sessions. In an effort to keep the sessions small (and personal) additional programs may be added and seeded appropriately annually. The sessions are self-directed and the topics for each are selected by NEXT members. This is a co-mentorship program. Participants co-mentor each other while learning about current trends and topics in the built environment and sharing best practices and strategies, true to the ULI mission, and focused on San Antonio’s future.


To be considered for participation in the NEXT program, you must complete an online form of interest and include a copy of your resume for consideration.


The application is short, but should adequately demonstrate your interest in participating in the program and should demonstrate HOW and WHAT you will contribute to the group of ULI NEXT SA peers if accepted. Please note, this is a competitive program. Applicants are selected based on authentic applications and potential to make a positive contribution to the group.

Participants must:

  • Be a current ULI Member
  • Be in a leadership position within your firm
  • Generally be within the age of 35 and 45
  • Commit to attending 75% of scheduled meetings with your Flight
  • Pay an annual $100 participation fee (all funds go back to your Flight, which will pay for your programming through the year)


Want more information?
Email ULI Next Chair:
Zac Harris
One80 Solar

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Studio 8 Architects