Leadership Committees

Committee involvement is a privilege of ULI membership. Through our various committees, ULI San Antonio engages our members and ensures that the interests of our District Council are fully met, both within the organization and around the community.

Leadership Committees

At the heart of ULI are our members and the organization is defined by what our members contribute to their communities, each other, and the real estate industry. A privilege of membership in ULI is that you can become involved in leadership opportunities by involvement in our local committees.

There are several active ULI member committees including Sponsorship, Golf Tournament, Membership, Programs, Young Leaders Group, Mentorship/Education Outreach, Impact/TAPS, WLI and Communcations.  Please consider joining one of the following committees:

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining our sponsors. Sponsorship support provides the financial resources for ULI San Antonio programs throughout the year.
Sponsorship Chair  Erin Bley, Kaufman Killen  Email

ULI’s annual Golf Tournament is a popular networking event that raises funds to support ULI San Antonio programming and scholarships throughout the year.
Golf Tournament Chair  Frank Pakuszewski, SoJo Urban  Email
Golf Tournament Co-Chair  Sloan Thomas, Alamo Title  Email

Our Membership Committee has responsibility for actively recruiting new members and developing strategies for membership engagement and retention.
Membership Chair  Mallory Baird, Kuper Sotheby’s  Email
Membership Co-Chair  Aaron Retersdorf, Trinity Real Estate Finance  Email

The Programs Committee is responsible for the development of our quarterly luncheon events and educational opportunities offered by ULI San Antonio, including the annual real estate outlook featuring the Emerging Trends in Real Estate report.
Programs Chair  Lisa Rosenzweig, Silver Ventures  Email
Programs Co-Chair  Omar Gonzalez, Hemisfair Park Redevelopment Corporation  Email 
Programs Co-Chair / Speaker’s Host  Johnny Johnston, Chicago Title  Email
Programs Co-Chair / Lunch & Learns  Matt Cox, Kimley-Horn  Email 

The Young Leaders Group, members under the age of 35, plans and executes monthly project tour and networking events for the ULI membership. This committee also promotes functions that further the interests and educational opportunities of our younger members.
YLG Chair  Juan Cano, Hemisfair Park Redevelopment Corporation  Email
YLG Co-Chair  Maria Nelson  Email

Our Mentorship/Education Outreach Committee is charged with overseeing ULI San Antonio’s Mentorship program for Young Leaders, as well as overseeing educational outreach that ULI members can participate in to give back to the community and further the ULI mission.
Mentorship & Education Outreach Chair  Megan Moshier, Studio 8 Architects  Email
Mentorship & Education Outreach Co-Chair  Kris Feldmann, CREO  Email 

The Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) program partners with area governments, agencies and non-profits to further ULI’s mission of leadership in responsible land use. The TAP program offers the expertise of local ULI members to local governments and nonprofit entities to address specific project feasibility or implementation issues through one or two day panels.
Impact/TAPS Chair  Linda Deatrick, Greener Cities  Email

Our Communications Committee provides marketing and PR support, and builds awareness of ULI San Antonio and its mission by promoting programs and events to the membership and the community through the website, social media, and other marketing and PR initiatives.
Communications Chair  Rachel Brehm, Centro San Antonio  Email
Communications Co-Chair  Connie Gonzalez, Brooks Email

In order to support our increasingly high profile events and day to day operations, ULI SA is currently looking for volunteers to help – whether helping out at an event or becoming a member of one of our committees.  If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please contact us for more information.

Seeking ways to get involved with ULI? The ULI Navigator is an online tool to aid members in getting involved with ULI as best suits their interests and experience level.  Visit navigator.uli.org