UrbanPlan New Volunteer Training - June 15-16


2021-06-15 - 2021-06-16

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    UrbanPlan Volunteer Training
    Have you ever wanted to volunteer with the UrbanPlan program? UrbanPlan harnesses the power of experiential learning to help participants gain an understanding of the complex nature of land-use decisions and the role each of us plays in creating better communities. UrbanPlan is practical, realistic, dynamic, and challenging - and that's on purpose. By providing the chance to put theory into practice, UrbanPlan helps our audience – high school students, university students, public officials or community members – think critically about the fundamentals of real estate.
    Once volunteers have completed our day-long training, they serve in classrooms and workshops as Facilitators or as members of a mock City Council for final presentations. They are tasked with challenging participants to think more critically about the UrbanPlan issues. As an UrbanPlan volunteer, you will:
    • make an impact in the community and on the next generation of citizens
    • enjoy professional development and knowledge sharing
    • network with peers across the real estate and land-use industries
    Many ULI District Councils have schools running UrbanPlan at the end of term this spring and ULI will be seeking lots of volunteers for the National Student Competition in June and our partnership with REEC to deliver UrbanPlan to the REEX Summer Program in June and July. To accommodate this demand for new volunteers, we have set up three different options for when you can get trained hoping that one of them works for your schedule. Please make sure you can attend both times if you select option #2 or #3 since both are split into two half days.