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ULI/SA LEADER SPOTLIGHT: Connie Gonzalez, Brooks

Director of Public Relations, Brooks
ULI/SA Communications Committee Co-Chair

Why do you like most about ULI?
ULI is an example of an organization bridging the gap between established professionals and millennials. It’s exciting to see such a diverse group share a tremendous passion for the best future of our San Antonio.

What sets San Antonio apart from other cities?
Culture and Real people. It says a lot when you can walk into a luncheon filled with the movers and shakers in the City, yet you can greet all of them with a hug and it’s totally ok.

What has been your favorite project at Brooks?
I’ve been with the organization for over two years, and the transformation is magical. With more than $300 million in projects underway at Brooks, it’s simply impossible to choose just one. I started when there was just one apartment complex and I had to hire people in order to show a lively campus for our marketing campaign. Now we have four apartment complexes, a University and a breath-taking full-service hotel, so thousands of people are not only working at Brooks, but they live there, too. I still get butterflies when I see people walking or running around Brooks. Yay, I’m a part of building a thriving community in the city that raised me!

What inspires you?
People that don’t have much to give, but are the first to volunteer or give their last couple of dollars to someone “who needs it more”.

What do you work toward in your free time?
Refraining from checking/answering emails. It’s a job in itself.

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