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Please give to Rebuilding Sutherland Springs.

We were all recently affected by the tragedy in Sutherland Springs and it has shaken us to our cores. At the ULI Luncheon last week, featured speaker Steve VanAmburgh, CEO of KDC made a challenge to the audience to support those affected. His plea was passionate and heartfelt…that we can all spread some light and hope by giving a donation to the Sutherland Springs community now.

ULI San Antonio is encouraging members to support Rebuilding Sutherland Springs, a registered non-profit established by Brad Beldon. The goal of this non-profit is to raise $2,500,000 to rebuild the Church along with a memorial where the damaged Church now sits. Marmon Mok Architecture has agreed to help design the new church, which will be a collaborative effort with the Sutherland Springs community. Nearly half the donation goal has already been reached.

There are two ways you can choose to donate:

The National Roofing Foundation is collecting funds on behalf of Rebuilding Sutherland Springs, Inc.  If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, please write a check payable to The National Roofing Foundation and mail it to Jessica Priske’s attention at NRCA, 10255 W. Higgins Road, Suite 600, Rosemont, IL 60018. They will remit one check to Rebuilding Sutherland Springs, Inc. once they’ve collected the funds.

Rebuilding Sutherland Springs, Inc. has also set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect donations and is working to make those donations tax-deductible. Click the Donate Now link  to support through GoFundMe. They are also accepting in-kind donations. If you are interested in making an in-kind donation, please call the Sutherland Springs Donation Hotline at (833) 360-3411

They cannot do this alone; thus, we are asking, from the bottom of our hearts, to give and give generously. Let this rebuild serve as a reminder that there is more love than hate in this world...

All contributions are welcome… big & small. Every single dollar, and/or in-kind donation, will make a difference in this small community. Giving Sutherland Springs a new place to worship is paramount to its healing process. Your leadership on this is deeply appreciated and will truly make a big difference.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.



Join KDC, Weston Urban, Overland Partners and others in their support of Rebuilding Sutherland Springs.




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