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juan-8Juan Cano / Hemisfair Real Estate Manager

ULI LEADERSHIP POSITION: ULI Young Leaders Group Chairman

Personal Mantra:
Always strive to do well by doing good.

Favorite place lived/traveled to:
I have traveled many places so it is difficult. If I were pick a favorite place for beauty, it would be Hangzhou, China. If I were pick a favorite place for food, it would be Mexico City. If I were pick a place that inspires me, it would be New York City. But if I were pick a place to live, it would be because of the quality of its people, and that place for me is San Antonio, TX.

How has ULI helped in your career development?
ULI has allowed me to learn form and interface with some of the most powerful, thoughtful and experienced real estate developers, both locally and at an international level. The mentorship programs and consistent programming have allowed me to grow exponentially and with it have come multiple opportunities to lead within ULI.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within ULI, whose job would you want?
I am a big fan of our local Urban Infill developers, namely David Adelman and Bill Shown. These two men not only exemplify success in commercial real estate development, but they also teach, by example, the impact that thoughtful, ethical practice in your craft can have on communities.

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